Monday, October 22, 2012

Mugs Monday XLIII

This is my turkish Libra Zodiac coffee mug with a gold rim, given to me by my mother a few years ago.
It is my Sun Sign, but I wish I could find a mug with my Moon Sign, too, one day.
And I love how beautifully painted the moon, stars, planets & the scale itself are.
Oh, and look closely at the Date they put in this one... maybe you'll see what I mean. :)
Here the translation for image #2, from turkish to english.

24 September - 22 October
Charming, harmonious, easy to get along with,
emotional, elegant, diplomatic,
A strong sense of justice,
Artistic talent. Undecided,
does not like loneliness, good-hearted,
one who values friendship.
Maxim/Policy: I balance


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